Mr. LaMonte Brown

LaMonte Edward Brown served 21 years in Texas Department of Criminal Justice from age 17 until age  38. Mr. Brown became affiliated with Lillie Mae Wrenn Learning and Transformation Center, Inc in October 2018.

In March 2019 Mr. Brown obtained employment driving trucks and operating heavy equipment for Valentines Trucking in Houston, Texas. This driving experience permitted him to obtain employment with the City of Galveston, Texas in September 2019.

Mr. Brown served as a mentor for LMW to provide encouragement to others on their journey back into society. As a volunteer reentry mentor, he participated in community outreach events establishing relationships with Gulf Coast Homeless Coalition, Rev. Edward Lawrence and former Galveston Mayor Roger "Bo" Quiroga. Mr. Brown shared his life experience with LMW's Hopeful Youth group to inspire youth to make wise decisions for positive outcomes. During his humble transformation he worked closely with the foundation, while working his lifestyle change plans for a better future for himself.

As a volunteer reentry mentor to returning citizens he assist with vocational training and youth mentor for LMW. Mr. Brown is a driven individual to reinvent himself daily, as he strives to transform into the man he aspire to become.

LaMonte Brown is an excellence example of transformation through determination for returning citizens from prison into productive citizens. Mr. Brown focus is certainly one of determination to improve one's present from the challenges of the past.


Jermaine Wright served 24 years in Texas Department of Criminal Justice from age 17 until age 41. Mr. Wright has been affiliated with Lillie Mae Wrenn Learning and Transformation Center, Inc. since April 2018. His transformation into a productive citizen has been an expedited process with responsibilities of a family man, entrepreneur and employee of the City of Houston under Mayor Sylvester Turner's Second Chance Program. Mr. Wright has no problem with transparency in expressing himself that change for the better is possible, learning how to maintain his business, or sharing his life experiences with LMW's Hopeful Youth group. Mr. Wright expressed his aspirations for a productive life and begin to work his plan of action. Jermaine Wright eagerly enrolled himself in truck driving school obtaining his CDL Class A license within a few weeks. He created J & J's Lawn service business while working full time as CDL operator for City of Houston. He had a goal in mind to improve his employment chances and financially support his family.

Mr. Wright is a husband, father, and grandfather who has always acknowledged his spouse Jaime Wright and family. He is inspired by their love and support which assist him in remaining focused and determined to live as a productive returning citizen. Jermaine Wright's demeanor is most impressive and consistent with gentleness, respect, and appreciation. Mr. Wright is definitely set apart from most males who has served 24 years in prison. Mr. Wright has excelled in reentry expectations to enroll in training to prepare for employment, establish his business and reenter in society as a striving and thriving citizen. Jermaine's determination "to do well" is extraordinary and he has arrived at milestones which are often never reached within 3 years after release.

Mr. Wright is active with Lillie Mae Wrenn Learning and Transformation Center, Inc as a volunteer youth mentor. On Sunday, November 2, 2020 Jermaine Wright had a live interview, "A Walk in the Park", sharing his life story from prison to a successfully return into society with LMW's Hopeful Youth group and Galveston county youth. 

Mr. Wright is a man of determination striving for self-improvement as he daily address anger resolution as a result of imprisonment at a young age. He is a firm believer facing his challenges will assist him to be a positive leader for the youth he mentors, a better husband to his wife, father to his children and grandchildren.

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