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     Lillie Mae Wrenn Learning and Transformation Center is a 501C3 non-profit organization that strives to transform individuals that we believe are valuable, teachable and capable of taking charge of their destiny.

     Our Reentry program specializes in intense assessments, individual coaching and support group sessions to assure effectiveness to create personalized plans of action.

     "We are a community-driven organization that collaborates with other agencies and organizations." 

- Freelander Little -

     We include the entire family in our clients' transformation process. We offer after- school programs and youth outreach on the weekends for our clients' children. Our outreach initiatives aim to enhance community relations and community involvement towards positive change. We provide clothes (The Closet), basic computer classes, family- strengthening classes, men-to-men mentorship, food drives and youth education. 

     Our holistic approach to addressing our clients' needs allow us to provide programs and services to the entire family.  Building bridges of hope in our community. 

     Our primary clients are returning citizens whose stipulations upon release require rehabilitative initiatives through documented efforts.

     Therefore, we focus on family and youth mentoring, educational and referral services for adult and youth. We serve the Galveston and Houston areas and surrounding counties.



     Our team of professionals bring more than 30 years of experience in coaching returning citizens in life skills, preparation for reintegration, unification of families and personal development; more than 15 years of working with youth and community outreach. We have a Community Chaplain, certified substance abuse counselor and a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor on hand. Our approach is from a holistic perspective in addressing our clients based on their individual needs.


     After the initial assessment takes place, we determine the individualized counseling session. We design each session according to the individual and their unique needs. We at Lillie Mae Wrenn do not believe that life is "one-size-fits-all!" And this is our approach. Our staff continues to educate themselves on the new clinical studies and techniques that have shown positive results from other professionals in the field; and we apply them accordingly. 


     We measure successful outcomes from the productivity within the first years of participating in one-on-one coaching, group participation, life skills training, personal development exercises and employment. 

Historical Facts of


     The foundation began on August 20. 2011 as a tribute to Lillie Mae Wrenn grandmother of founders Velicia Burns and Freelander Little .

After the success of serving the community with:

  • food & canned goods,
  • clothing & household cleaning supplies
  • entertainment & educational opportunities
  • job readiness preparation & medical services
  • and fun activities for the youth

A larger mindset to serve the community manifested.

In May of 2013 Lillie Mae Wrenn Learning and Transformation Center was granted 501C3 status.

     Since that date, we have provided educational services to Texas City Police Explorers, Zeta Phi Beta Youth Group, church groups and other organizations.

     We collaborate with:

Gaining Ground Youth Services, Dick Gregory Voice of the People, Penny Foundation, Chance of a Lifetime Coaching, Goodwill of Houston, GKARM, Galveston Restorative Justice, K. B. Reentry Resources, THRIVE Life Coaching, Iron Men sponsored by Redeem Life and Hope Ministries, Turning Point Church, Gulf Coast Homeless Coalition, Revealed2Heal, The Chosen Ones Outreach Ministries of Galveston and other local agencies. 


OUR unique


  • Task: Intense assessments to create individual treatment and educational plans tailor made for each client. Focus on assisting returning citizens, families of clients and their youth.

  • Action: We offer specialized programs, individual and group sessions and strengthen family skills based on clinical studies and techniques equipping clients with tools for achieving goals. 

  • Result: Transforming into the "new you" fully armed with the tools of coping, achieving and striving for successful reentry into society as a productive citizen. Stronger family units, educational advancement for youth and individual development. 

     Our Hopeful Youth Program provides our clients and their children an opportunity for change. Our team provides counseling, tutoring and extra curricular courses for local youth with a positive outcome in mind. 

     We utilize our resources to provide Community Outreach services to our clients. Our clients can partake in our food, canned good, & clothing services. Contact us for full details and eligibility.

     Building Bridges of Hope is our rehabilitative initiatives programs and services designed to assist our returning citizens. Clients are able to receive personalized coping skills to assist with their transformation journey. We work with probation and parole stipulations to assure successful outcomes. Since we are community based clients are encouraged to volunteer their time to outreach events, Hopeful Youth events and family unification classes. We believe in strengthening the support system which is directly connected to the client.

     Vocational training provided for our clients assist  them with instructional programs or courses that focus on the skills required for a particular job function or trade. Contact us to schedule specific vocational training classes.


P.O. Box 3211
Galveston, Texas 77552


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